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Crystal Makeup Brushes 10 Pcs Kit

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Crystal Makeup Brushes 10 Pcs Kit

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Crystal Makeup Brushes 10 Pcs Kit with a unique bag.

Product Description

A set of 10 professionally made makeup brushes, each brush will fulfil what you need, with a distinctive and multifunctional design that gives you a distinct feeling to meet what you need in the field of makeup and equipped with soft bristles to get amazing results.
The bristles are made of two-colour fibre and are smooth, and the bristles are fixed in shape.
Professional hard-to-lose hair and handle made of skin-friendly quality plastic, in general, the materials made of them give the skin comfort and pleasure and because of the quality of manufacturing.
The bag is made of materials, so you will find efficiently distributing the makeup powder to get impressive results
The thick high quality gives it softness and ease of handling as the elegance of the design makes you comfortable
You feel comfortable carrying it anywhere you want to visit.



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